Knappa High School Bus Routes

Route 1

8:07-Brownsmead Hill Rd.                                                       

8:12-Ziak Gnat Creek

8:18-Knappa Dock Rd.

8:23-Hillcrest Loop Rd.(East)

8:26-Wickiup Terrace/Forest Ct.(meet at Hillcrest)

8:27-Payton Ln.

8:28-Spruce Ln.

8:30-Big Creek Hatchery (Ritter Rd.)

Route 2


8:19-Upper Valley Creek


8:24-Bagley Ln.

8:25-Hillcrest Trailer Ct.

8:26-Donald Marshall/Amie loop

8:29-East Orchard

8:30-Lois Loop

8:33-Crawford’s/Old Mkt.Rd.

8:37-Knappa Terrace

8:38-Hampton/Maggie Johnson

8:38-Little Creek


8:43-Old Hwy 30

8:44-Dave Rd.

Route 3

8:09-Country Market

8:10-Svensen Mkt.Rd.

8:11-Angberg Ln.

8:12-Brook Ln.

8:14-Lahti Ln.

8:19-George Hill Rd.

8:23-Simonson Loop 

8:26-Hunt Ln.

8:29-Hillcrest Loop (West)


8:38-Ferris Creek (turn around)



Route 4

8:07- Hwy 30

8:08- Ivy Station


8:10-Leo Drive

8:11-TT Larson


8:20-Keller Rd.

8:23-Svensen Island/River Terrace

8:27- Eagle Sanctuary

8:30- Browning Shop


8:32-Hwy 30

8:33-Maki Rd.

8:39-Bear Creek

8:40-Old Hwy 30

8:42-Bersagel Rd.

8:44-Karpen’s Airport

8:44-Pilots Rd.


Snow Routes

These schedules are for inclement weather (time delays will be determined by road conditions).

Students transported to school in the mornings by means other than the bus and wish to ride the bus home in the afternoon, will be transported to a point on the snow schedule closest to their home.

Due to the number of side roads, turnarounds and conditions in various areas, some routes on this schedule may be altered when conditions justify.  Students will be notified concerning changes of routes in their areas. 

East Route

1. Brownsmead Hill Rd. meets the bus at the bottom of the hill at Ziak/Gnat Creek Rd.

2. Gerttula Rd. meet at Rudat.

3. Pentilla & Jackson meet at Barendse/Penttila Intersection.

4. Ritter Road (Big Creek Hatchery) meet at Hillcrest loop.

5. Sylvandale meets at the end on Aldrich Point Rd.

West Route

1. Akerstedt meets at the bottom on Hillcrest.

2. Savola meets at the end of the road on Conroy.

3. Ivy Station meets the bus at Leo Drive.

4. Svensen Island meets at Keller Rd. (Fire Station.)

5. Labeck, Maritime, and all the rest of Burnside loop meets at Burks (Browning Shop.) 

6. Grove Ln. meet at Cabrera’s driveway